Founded by the great undead-hunters who helped protect life against Vecna‘s forces, the splendor of this city’s past is still visible in the half-empty streets and abandoned barracks. Though still an active economy, the undead (and the treasure that came with hunting them) are fewer in number than they’ve ever been.

A city of stone, Gargolyth was founded in the last days of The War of Two Fronts with one purpose: to hunt demons. It is built on the ruins of a city of the Elven Empire. The Lich Queen’s empire was waning but her legions of undead and the demons who had joined her and Malaraxis still terrorized the lands. Rangers, Paladins, and heroes of all kind came from all over Tetherin to found a city of demon-hunters and rid the world of fiendish influence. Ostensibly successful, the city has been in decline, having very little in the way of an economy outside of hunting their prey. Traditionally isolationists, both politically and geographically, Gargolyth recently signed The Grey Compact with The Magocracy of Boc in order to secure trade for basic essentials.

The city is divided into three factions: [[The Keepers of the Ragged Boundary|The Gloomstalkers}], The Church of the Setting Sun, and The Patrons of the Tenth.

Gargolyth has no real central government.
Empty streets and ancient architecture dominate the landscape, including Gargoyles. The altruism of the days past has gone out of fashion. The three factions, especially the Gloomstalkers, now have as much to be gained by having a steady stream of undead as they do from the idea of annihilating them. The ancient power of the LIch Queen has waned, but magic items and arcane secrets from the zenith of her power attract adventurers from around the realm, and many denizens of make a living from the trappings of would-be adventurers’ corpses. The practice of luring adventurers to their doom through subterfuge and collecting their treasure isn’t unknown. (The undead were a gold-rush and now that rush is over.)

The gargoyles of Gargolyth are varied. Created by Warlocks to use against the undead because of the impossibility of their ressurection, they were once the guardians of the city. The making of Gargoyles became a cottage industry in and of itself, and at one point, every family in the elite of Gargolyth had at least one gargoyle. Even today, there are legions of inanimate Gargoyles that would (allegedly) come to life the moment that anything undead enters the city.


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